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   Introducing, our newest F1 Bernedoodle, Fae!  We adopted Fae in January 2022 and due to her friendly personality, she began interacting with our existing animals from the beginning. Later, In may we adopted a kitten and the two of them BUILT A PLAYFUL FRIENDSHIP. Fae is always gentle with him and can tolerate the times he gets too rough.  
   In September of 2022 Fae began accompanying Kandy to her classroom 2 days a week.  Those days quickly became known as "Fae Day".    Fae has been there to listen to readers, dry tears, and turn frowns into smiles.  She loves to get attention from each student as a class line passes by in the hall.
  Fae weights about 65 pounds and stands at 26 inches at the withers.  She is fun, entertaining, loyal, friendly and great with children and other animals.


Molly kitchen.jpg

Molly  (Retired)

   Meet Molly, our 64 pound, 24 inch tall, F1 Bernedoodle.  We adopted Molly in 2019 about 3 months after she was born.  Right away, Molly settled in as a member of the family.  She began spending time with us in the yard, taking walks, and lounging around with us inside the house.   
  When August rolled around, she began going to work with Kandy and is a regular member of the classroom.  Molly is on the path to becoming an official therapy dog.  She has attended level 1 and level 2 obedience classes.  At this time, she is practicing for her Canine Good Citizen test. 
   Molly has a playful, yet laid back personality.  Overall, she loves to do what we are doing.  If she sees that we want to play, she quickly begins to play.  If we are occupied, she is patient and lays down close by until we move on to something else.     Molly is especially fond of the water and can often be found playing in the sprinkler.   
  We have had Molly genetically tested as to better pair her with a mate in order to prevent negative hereditary traits.  She has had 2 previous litters.  Families are sharing that her puppies are intelligent, playful, perceptive, and very caring and have a wonderful temperament.  

Molly and Reagan.jpg
Molly and Audrey.jpg
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