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About Me

About us

   We are a small family, Bernedoodle breeder located about 45 minutes west of Boise, Idaho.  Our house sits on just under an acre of land, most of which is a large enclosed yard.  This is where our adult dogs spend most of their time playing fetch and chasing tree squirrels. 

   3 years ago we added a Bernedoodle, Molly, to our family with the hopes of training her to become a certified therapy dog for my classroom.  Very quickly we fell in love with her laid back, easy going temperament and found that we wanted to share the same qualities with others.  It has become an underlying passion to provide quality puppies that can become therapy or service dogs for those who need them.   

   The 2 of us along with our 2 daughters enjoy caring for the puppies.  By the time they are ready for new homes, we find it is often a little difficult to let them go.  We have enjoyed our time with the puppies as well as growing relationships with their new families.  

   We are blessed to have this opportunity to bring delight to others. 


Dave and Kandy Stanford 


About Bernedoodles 

   The Bernedoodle is a cross between a Bernese Mountain Dog and a Poodle.  The life expectancy of a Bernedoodle is 12-15 years, compared to 7-8 years for a Bernese Mountain Dog.  



   This designer breed blends together the cleverness of the poodle with the loyalty of the Bernese.  Bernedoodles are responsive and caring making them easy to train and fitting for children, elderly and service companions.  They have a very relaxed temperament with a moderate energy level.  Bernedoodles are happiest when they are being a part of the family whether that is strolling, eating, or watching a movie.  Though they can be spirited and playful while enjoying activities outside such as playing games, swimming, or jogging. 



   F1 Bernedoodles, or first generation, is a mix or 50% Bernese Mountain Dog and 50% Poodle.   

   F1b, results when a Bernedoodle and a Poodle have been crossed.  As this is statically a mix of 75% Poodle and 25% Bernese Mountain Dog, it will inherit more Poodle characteristics.  This usually results in low-to-no shedding and curlier hair.  Thus, making them more hypoallergenic. 

  F2, or second generation Bernedoodle, is a cross between two F1 Bernedoodles.  Consequently, coat type becomes extremely variable and unpredictable, as well as shedding and hypoallergenic levels.  Hybrid vigor begins diminishing in this generation. 


 Hair Type 

   Most Bernedoodles have long hair and their coat can vary from wavy, curly, or almost straight and come in a variety of colors.  The curlier the hair, the less shedding there will be.  This breed has both hair and fur.  Hair has to be cut, fur does not.  Brushing and bathing is required to keep your dog comfortable and prevent matting.  It is a good rule of thumb to groom a Bernedoodle every 8 weeks.   



  Bernedoodles have been differentiated into three different types depending upon their sizes. 


Toy Bernedoodle: those that weigh between 10-24 pounds, with a height of 10-14 inches.   


Miniature Bernedoodle: those that weigh between 25-49 pounds, with a height of 15-20 inches.   


Standard Bernedoodle: those that weigh between 50 pounds or more, wand standing 21 inches and above. 

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